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CD: Alaina Blair – HERE I AM

Alaina Blair – HERE I AM

If you’re a fan of great grooves, songs that stick with you and an artist who you can listen to and say WOW, then Alaina Blair’s latest EP Here I Am is well worth downloading and enjoying.

Producer Billy Alexander has captured some real magic in this seven song EP by letting the musicians play and giving them lots of space to go Old School Rockin’ for us. When you blend solid playing with clean crisp mixing and production, you end up with a great EP like Here I Am.
From the moment the first song kicks off, the band is locked in, rockin’ hard and the production sounds like you’re right in the front row of a live concert that you don’t want to end. This EP features very solid electric and acoustic guitar playing and has a bass player and a drummer who know how to totally mix-it-up together. There is especially stand-out playing by the drummer on this EP who takes a "no prisoner’s" style of playing and is as good as any drummer you will hear in any major band or on any recording. Alaina’s drummer is the foundation for this hard hittin’ EP and his playing is always solid crerative and supportive behind her.

I could write something great about every song on this EP but let me focus on my personal favorite track, I WILL. This is the song where everything comes together, the writing, the artistry, the production and the playing. When you hear it, you can’t help but know that this is an Artist that deserves to be coming out of the radio today.
Head on over to itunes to Alaina’s page, grab yourself a few downloads and help support this wonderful artist:

You can also visit Alain’s website at:

Independent artists like Alaina are always fun to keep an eye on because one day they’re quietly doing their thing and the next day they could be on the largest stages in the world. Sometimes it’s luck, sometime it’s the right song at the right time but it’s always hard work and passion that fuels an artist. Overall, Alaina is an artist with a rockin’ style and a soulful voice who’s on a journey worth following. 

Reviewed for Country Music News International Magazine by:
David Reuter of Big Tent Nashville LLC
David Reuter is a graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston and is currently the Vice President of Big Tent Nashville LLC

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