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The Common Linnets at Gibson Club in Frankfurt Germany

The Common Linnets at Gibson Club in Frankfurt Germany

The Common Linnets are now touring in Germany, meaning they are playing a couple of concerts and doing a whole bunch of promoting in order to get sold out concerts. Okay, it could be that success from making it big in a European market and a lot of #1 hits could help assist them too.

When the Gibson Club in Frankfurt Germany opened the doors for the public at 7:00 pm, the line of fans was not really long. But, by the start of the concert at 8:00 pm, the Gibson Club was packed with music lovers and everybody that arrived on time was still able to get a seat.

The fans welcomed the band by giving them a rousing hand of applause. From the first minute of the show you would swear that the new band, which was built around Ilse DeLange, was not real country, but had a great deal of influence from Nashville.

After two songs Ilse DeLange explained to the crowd, that she was ill, but didn't want to cancel the concert, because the audience in Frankfurt meant too much to her and the band. During the show, The Common Linnets performed songs like, Calm after the Storm, Proud, Lovers & Liars, Hungry Hands, Still Loving after You and at least a handful of others.

In the end, I walked away with an empty feeling. The results I was left with were: The concert was nice but 25€ for an hour and a half show is really disputable. In my opinion, there are a lot of other bands out there that provide more bang for the buck.

Christian Lamitschka for Country Music News International Magazine


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