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Interview with William Duece Huellet

Interview with William Duece Huellet

1) Question –
Why did you title this CD, “Politically Correct Redneck”?

The name strictly came from Nashville Producers who felt that this was one of my strongest songs on the CD and it would go further with the fans. But, in my opinion all of the songs were great like: Cowboy Up and P arty Down, or Gettcha Some of This. I’m just looking for more ways to get music to the fans.

2) Question –
What are your favorite songs on this CD?

Like I said , all the songs on this CD are great I love them all that’s why I recorded them, each song has a great meaning and memory for me. I hope one day the world gets to hear this cd and maybe they will love the songs as much as I do.

3) Question –
Overall, how long did this project take you?

This album I spent 3 years on the road, going back and forth to Nashville spending time and lots and lots of money in the studios making this CD the best.

4) Question-
The New Country Movement has been occurring all across the world. Don’t you think?

William –
Country music is loved worldwide. It can make you happy if you are sad, or it can make you sad if you miss the one you love, but most of all it makes you want to dance and have a good time. That is why I have great fans in England, Germany, New Zealand, Denmark, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Brazil.( William writes Brasil with z , I beg your pardon, Duece. In the USA, you may be right, but in Brasil we use an ‘s’).

5) Question –
About politics, what are your positions....with all this crazy things that we see all these days?

My position on politics is that I really have no positions. I hate to see it when people or countries can’t get along, but are all the same in god's eyes and he loves each and every one of us the same. I just wish we could all settle our differences in some way other than war and bickering.

6) Question –
Now, that you know a little about Brasil, what you can tell us you learned about our culture? Do you think we should do things differently here?

Now that I know a little of Brasil all I can say about your country is I have met a lot of people that were very nice to me. It was a very embracing culture. I never tell anyone what they should do. My father was a great man and once told me, “Clean up your own back yard before trying to clean up someone else’s. Meaning, until I’m perfect I can tell anyone what to do or how to run their lives

7) Question –
You have a nice family. Do you wish you were a stay-at-home family man?

I wish I could be. I do love to stay with my family. My family means the world to me. If I’m not working (I do work a lot, 7 days a week). But, if I’m not working I’m at home with my family where I belong.

8) Question –
Are we in new times for country music, or do you think it is just all the same thing?

Today’s country music has gone to the younger generation and they have changed it dramatically. Yesterday’s country music (just my opinion) I like a lot better. It told stories, and made you think. Today’s country music doesn’t have a message most of the time, it’s great to dance to, and I have major respect for all those who have dedicated their lives to bringing us great music. But, I’m a kind partial to the older country music.

9) Question –
How is your relationships with your fans? What do you think they want to know about the redneck?

William –
My fans are everything to me. If not for them I would not be where I am today. I love to sing. But, if I have no one to sing to, it would not be nearly as much fun. That is why I try to find songs that not only fit my style and vocal abilities, but also songs that I believe my fans will love and come to expect from me.

10) Question –
Someday, do you think you’ll take another path in your life, or is music all you dream about?

William -
I would really love to sing and record country music for ever and ever. But, I also have to be able to support my family. Because once again, my family means the most to me. So, I will sing until I can’t sing anymore. But, I also decided to try to get into real estate as well. I have sure to make my family is taken care of and supported financially.

Well, William Duece Huellet, a country singer with a great brain a great heart put all his soul and heart in this interview to us!
Thank you, Redneck....you are great! Thanks my amigo do peito (it seems like we are true friends from the heart).
Success to you and all your family. Till the next time.

Dr. Ronaldo Brandão Brochado from Campos Dos Goytacazes , Brasil for Country Music News International.


  1. I would love to thank Christian and all the staff at Country Music International Magazine for all the support. But most of all I would love to thank my Amigo Do Peito Dr.Ronaldo Brandao Brochado for his continued love and support.

    Thanks again
    William "Duece" Hulett
    "Politically Incorrect Redneck"

  2. Hi!Anonymous Redneck and Christian...you are both great friends, amigos do peito and I say thanks to this two people that I have a great consideration...yes....all is good to all...now we have a strong frienship!Thats all!Thanks!!!! Till next time....Ronaldo.Campos.Brasil....with s....