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CD: WALLY SANDERSON - Memories of Gold

Memories of Gold
Cania Gold - Your Cheatin' Heart - The Drovers Camp - Good Times At The 'Gool - Unsuitably Dressed - Aussie Spirit - One In A Million - Give Em' Room - Nanago Country Muster - The Hit 'Em Sit 'Em Cowboy - The R.D.A. - Lead Me Down To The Stockyard - I Can't Help It If I'm Stil In Love With You - A Good Horse - Aldo
I love listening to good Australian 'outback' country singers and writers, which is exactly what Wally Sanderson is. His 'story' songs are terrific, and much like American traditional country music from not so long ago, it's exactly what country music was originally all about.  Wally wrote no less than ten songs for this project, and the first one out of the chute not only has a great 'story' it's got a banjo player that makes the whole story believable.  We hear the banjo again on "Aussie Spirit" and it sure sets the song off well.  Paul Denman is responsible for much of the backing music and harmonies, and Wally gives credit to Dave Drummond for help is making it all possible.  I like Wally's rendition of Hank's song "Your Cheatin' Heart" mostly because Wally is putting his heart and soul into making this song representative of what he really likes to sing.  Another good song he wrote is "Good Times At The 'Gool."  This I believe might be a tavern of sorts, but wow, all the things that happen in that little place that holds a very fond memory in Wally's mind.  Wally sings about horses, like Gleam (a many ribboned first place horse), which was a fine animal.  He also sings about Aldo, the young son of Wally, who rode this horse with fine form. Terrific 'true country' CD, songs, stories, adventures, a real look into ranch life in Australia.  This CD goes to the Rural Roots Music Commission.  I hope they will give it a good listen.  What I hear here is some terrific wholesome, adventuresome, welcome 'real' country.
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