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CD: ROY KING - Hell's Highway

Hell's Highway
Mining Man - I'd Do It Again - Born To Ramble - Cut Back Blues - Lost In The Dust - Ride To Hell - Jus Walkin - I Wish I Wasn't So Poor
What an interesting 'original music' CD this is.  I don't know who Roy King is, and I don't even know how to contact him.  Not much on the internet either.  Two of his CD's found their way to my desk during the LeMars Festival, and I do not know who left them for me.  Roy King is one super songwriter, but even better he's one super singer.  This Cd is really a 'finished product' not a songwriter's demo.  The harmonica on the very first song is absolutely incredible, so are all the other musicians that are bringing the 'sounds' of Roy King alive on this CD.  A lot of his stuff was recorded at the North 40 Studios, and it's pretty much songs dedicated to anybody who has had to go through tough times, and I guess that would be a lot of upper Midwest folks these days.  It's kind of interesting to listen to Roy wrap the story around an idea, and then, with a little help from his friends, get himself out of the hard luck blues.  The music on this CD is kind of Honky-Tonk like, maybe even a touch of rock occasionally.  I was impressed with every song on this CD, even the way the drums are played on "Lost In The Dust."  Don't have the names of the musicians, but they are all good.  It's Roy King however that is the candle bringing them together.  They are like a circle around his creativity, and this is very apparent, once again, on "Lost In The Dust" when the fiddle  brings the lead back to the electric guitar.  Nicely done. It should also be noted that Roy King has a very good singing voice.  He lost me for awhile on "Ride To Hell" which gets to close to rock and roll to be good country.  He makes up for it on "Jus Walkin' taking us right back to his honky-tonk sound.  Good job all the way around.  I'll be trying to find out a little more about Roy King.  I have another of his CD's to review, but don't know where they came from.
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