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CD: REG BENOIT - One Lucky Man

One Lucky Man
One Lucky Man - I Picked A Rose for Mama - You've Got Me Back in Love - It Seemed Like the Right TYhing To Do - She Wasn't Thinking - Maybe It's Me - Whiskey Into Water - A Prayer Is Like A Phone Call - When The Hunger Strikes Again - Send The Angels Down
Reg Benoit, a great country singer and songwriter from Lindsay, Ontario, Canada, contributed four original songs to this very nice country recording done for KMA Records in Nashville, and recorded at the Kitty Wells Studio.  The insert does not mention who the musicians are, but they are doing a wonderful job interpreting these original songs. Reg Benoit was in a serious accident in `1998, nearly lost his life, and no one ever expected he'd be doing music again, especially recording classic/traditional country music.  His voice is right on, though he sometimes becomes quite involved in the songs, and his soul shines through when he reaches these little moments of perfection.  One of his originals "You've Got Me Back In Love" is an up-tempo love song, and far better than anything coming from the so-called top-40 country artists of today.  Keith Bradford was the producer and Mike Bradford was the engineer. All of these elements are right on, they did a super job of mixing, and the final recorded product is a fine one.  Fiddle and steel work throughout is super good country.  "It Seemed Like the Right Thing To Do" is a fine representation of good typical country instrumentation.  The last song on this CD is "Send The Angels Down" a great song written by Randy Albright.  Super good album from Reg Benoit.  This one goes to the Rural Roots Music Commission for further investigation for CD of the Year awards in 2015.
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