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He Touched Me
I'm Using My Bible For A Road Map - He Touched Me - The Old Rugged Cross - I'd Rather Have God - Don't Let Me Walk Too Far From Calvary - Livin' in The Name of Love - In The Garden - How Great Thou Art - There Is Power In The Blood - Bring All Your Needs To The Altar
Mary Paul is one of our longer standing professional performers and recording artists who makes her home in Nebraska.  She just moved from the small rural town of Belgrade to another small rural town, Fullerton.  Out on the prairies, music can be very important to one's life style.  This is so with this marvelous vocalist and entertainer.  Don't have any information on who the players are that are backing Mary in this most excellent old-time gospel CD.  Opening song has a great banjo on it, which takes the listener immediately to the heart of this particular song, "I'm Using The Bible For A Road Map"  which is originally from the Appalachian region, and the addition of a mandolin to this mix is also very gratifying.  It all changes on the second song where the slower song brings us some very well played softer instruments, including an old piano, and a super good sounding steel.  Wish I knew who these great players are, I would share that with you, but it's Mary's voice that stands out so very well.  There is a harmony singer on "He Touched Me" which I am going to assume is daughter Molly.  What a very pleasant and pleasing sound this is, the old style done so well, the voice so sure and so sensitive.  That's what makes a true artist, and that is exactly what Mary Channer Paul is, a true artist. It amazes me how Mary moves so eloquently from a bluegrass sound to an old-time country sound to a classic country sound, and make it all 'fit' beautifully.  It's sort of my own philosophy of 'mixing' bluegrass and old time traditional country to bring together the original sound of what country music was all about in its early days.  This CD should do well wherever it can get airplay, and I would certainly recommend Europe, which has a penchant for this older style done beautifully.  Brings a kind of 'O Brother Where Art Thou' basic sound to all the songs, which were very well picked for this session.  Off to the Rural Roots Music Commission this one goes, and I do expect a very nice reaction from them.
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