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CD: HOWARD VOKES, JR. - The Gospel Side

The Gospel Side
Beautiful Shores of Heaven - Wait For The Light To Shine -If Jesus Comes Tomorrow - Precious Lord - Amazing Grace - I'll Fly Away - What A Friend We Have In Jesus - My Loyal Friend Is Jesus Christ - Where He Leads Me - House Of Gold - Gods Gonna Get You For That - If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again - I Saw The Light - This Train - Old Rugged Cross - Were You There When They Crucified My Lord - Great Speckled Bird - All I Want For Christmas is Jesus
I've been a fan of Howard Vokes and his Grand Ole Opry catastrophe songs.  He has had a ton of them, and they are all terrific 'story' songs, written in the old way of country music.  That's not the case anymore, country music has changed so drastically, you are highly unlikely to hear a 'story' song these days.  This particular CD by Howard's son, Howard, Junior, is a very nice old-time gospel tribute to Jesus Christ.  It's too bad some of the so-called country music stars of today can't do this as well as Howard Junior does it.  It's all a heart-filled and heart-produced CD.  Probably not one that will get a lot of air play, but certainly one that will get a lot of record player play, simply because it is a very nice tribute to the music Howard Junior loves, and a very nice tribute to his Savior, Jesus Christ.  Howard plays the rhythm guitar and bass, and also does all the vocals.  Skeets Martin is on lead guitar (very nicely done), and Chet Houge is on the Dobro (also very nicely done).  I would suspect that 'dad' Howard Vokes Sr., is lurking in the studio keeping the session going on it's obvious course of producing some really good old-timey gospel music.  The entire project is very heart warming, not pushed, not hurried, not aspriring for perfection, and to me that is absolutely what original traditional and classic country music was all about.  Nice job, well done, Howard Junior.  Tell your dad you did good.  Howard Junior dedicated this very nice effort to his mother.
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