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CD: EMMA LIN HEYEN - Proud To Be A Cowgirl

Proud To Be A Cowgirl
Blue - Oh Shenandoah - Crazy - Cry Me A River - I Fall To Pieces - Josephine - Cupid's Got A Shotgun - Walkin' After  Midnight - Daddy Was A Yodeling Cowboy - Cowboy Sweetheart - American Tears - On My Own - Memory - How Great Thou Art
Emma Heyen is without a doubt one of the very best country vocalists we have in Iowa right now.  Her voice is astonishingly refreshing and incredibly right on the button.  Her control of her vibrato makes her one of the most beautiful young singers we could possibly have, doing the songs that appear on this CD.  Rick Andersen is the engineer putting Emma through the hoops with sound tracks, but it's a delightful experience and Emma's voice fits very nicely.  Her selection of material are songs that she does 'live' with Rick & Harriette Andersen, and it's always a pleasure to hear her sing.  Rick & Harriette begin to add some backing when she begins "Crazy" and it sounds just right.  It's a simplified backing, but for me simplicity is the epitome of sophistication.  What it does, it magnifies Emma's voice to it's maximum.  I also noticed the 'tracks' are not over done either, a very nice selection for backing.  Emma is also a very avid 'cow-girl' has her own horse, and the front and back cover of this brand new CD shows her in all her 'cow-girl' regalia, so it's no wonder she called the CD "Proud To Be A Cowgirl."  I wasn't going to review this particular CD until we got to California for the winter, but I couldn't hold off any longer, I was very anxious to hear this new project of Emma.  I wish I could pick one or two songs out that I find 'best' but I can't do it, all of the songs are incredibly well done.  Listening to this young woman sing some exemplary old-time country, and then go into "Cry Me a River" where her 'jazz' qualities lead the listener directly to where she is going with her voice.  What a very lovely listening experience.  I also like Emma's good sense in closing her brand new CD with a gospel song.  "How Great Thou Art" is a wonderful way to end an already exuberant music listening experience. This CD is definitely going to the Rural Roots Music Commission.  I know what they will do.
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