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RW Hampton Preps For Release Of This Cowboy

RW Hampton Visits Historic Military Sites
As He Preps For Release Of This Cowboy

CIMARRON, NEW MEXICO — When RW Hampton began work on his forthcoming new album, This Cowboy, he felt a strong urge to see a few key military landmarks and battlefields.  A self-professed history buff, Hampton — who is also a multi-award winning singer / songwriter of American Cowboy music —  set out on a journey, spending time in Gettysburg, PA earlier this year, and, more recently, Normandy, France.

“I have always enjoyed visiting places like the Alamo and The Little Big Horn Battlefield,” Hampton explains.   “Once I started writing ‘My Country’s Not For Sale’ I got a strong desire to visit the various battlefields I mentioned in the song, as we pulled the rest of the songs in this album together it just seemed like it was something that needed done.”

Hampton’s This Cowboy is being prepared for release early this fall, and includes such songs as “My Country’s Not For Sale” and “Hell in a Helmet,” both of which lean heavily on his love for his country and its Veterans.

“Visiting those important battlefields over the past few months just seemed to complete some things,” Hampton said.  “Seeing those battlefields and headstones were so important to me in order to at least TRY to understand the sheer depth and width of what really happened there.  It helped me realize that the price of freedom has always been the same, and always will be.  It takes everything.”

In Normandy this summer, Hampton was struck by the fact that Omaha Beach was filled with sunbathers and swimmers.  “It surprised me,”  he said.  “It seems too holy a place to be used for such a trivial thing.  But then I remembered that was exactly what the fighting was for.

“I have heard about them all my life, but the beaches became real, it was emotional to stand in that same sand; we even brought some home,” he continued.  “But what was even more real, were the over 9,000 graves of American men who will forever remain there, silently standing guard across the Atlantic because of what they were willing to fight and die for. ”

Hampton expects to continue visiting historic military sites in the near future, and is hoping to visit Viet Nam and the Pacific “where I want to climb Mt. Suribachi on Iwo-Jima where Joe Rosenthal’s iconic photograph of the Marines raising the flag was taken.”

R.W. Hampton is one of the leading Western Entertainers in America today. His fans come from all walks of life.  Recently named among the "Top 50 Country and Western Singers of All Time" by no less than American Cowboy Magazine, he’s loved by cowboys, cowgirls, ranch hands and rodeo stars, as well as by people who have never seen a cow up close — or cared to.  A singer, songwriter, actor and entertainer, Hampton is known for his patriotism, his family values and Christian beliefs. Blessed with a wonderfully rich  baritone voice, his songs and genuineness resonate with audiences worldwide.

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