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CD: JOHN REX REEVES - Everybody Wants To Be In Love Again

Everybody Wants To Be In Love Again
Everybody Wants To Be In Love Again - Happy Tracks - I Still Wouldn't Be Over You - I Think I'll Pick up My Heart And Go Home - Lillie's White Lies - Ole Spare Tire - Rainbows Are Back In Style - Shopping For Dresses - I'm So Afraid Of Losing You Again - That's When I'll Call You Again - The Blizzard - Things Have Gone To Pieces - I Love You Because - I Can't Stop Loving You
     For those of us who have heard John Rex Reeves performing in the upper Midwest, know one thing for very certain.  John Rex Reeves sounds amazingly like his Uncle, Jim Reeves.  Keeping the Jim Reeves legacy and music alive is John Rex's major impetus in the music business today.  He goes out on the road playing wherever he can get a decent gig, a sizable audience, and develop a new fondness for the Reeves music.  This particular album which he just released, is a super neat production right out of Nashville, BUT it's not like that modern music called country, it's the better side of that coin, the 'new' music called 'real' country.  Lots of great fiddle and steel throughout this wonderful session, and John Rex Reeves voice is as good as ever.  I find it remarkable that he can sound so much like his beloved Jim Reeves.  They were very close friends as well as relatives, played golf together, and enjoyed each other's company whenever possible.  This CD is a nice compliment to that relationship, and John Rex's dedication and love for his uncle's music is manifold.  For John Rex this is great country music done in a Reeve's family tradition.  The songs are all new to me too, which makes it a double-whammy listening adventure, and the make-up of the entire CD is 'finding love' either for the first time, or as he makes it abundantly clear....'again.'  It's also neat that I received this CD at this time, John Rex Reeves is the star attraction at the Rural Roots Music Gathering in Fremont, Nebraska, October 3-4-5 at the Christensen Field House, followed by a short tour where Sheila and I will join him as his opening act: Oct. 10 at the Oak Tree in Anita, Iowa, 7pm.  What a neat show, with Emma Heyen on the bill too.  This beautifully talented and pretty girl is a just right touch to the introduction of John Rex Reeves.  On Oct. 11 we're at the Leonard Good Center in Ogden, Iowa 7pm, and then on Oct 12 at the opera house in Toledo, Iowa, 2pm matinee.  Great fun for everyone.  I'm sure we'll be hearing some of these originals that John Rex recorded on this terrific CD.  I not only like his very well produced session here, I also like him with just a guitar and a stool performing a very intimate concert for his very appreciative audience.  A super-star from the RFD-TV television shows, it's going to be fun to spend some time with this incredibly gifted man.  John Rex is absolutely right, 'everybody wants to be in love again,' and this CD proves it.  This CD goes to the Rural Roots Music Commission for their own observations, and I know they will be good.  Personally I really liked "Ole Spare Tire" which features some super neat Dobro on it.  Please visit John Rex at his own website at www.johnrexreeves.com to see his incredible list of great 'Reeves' music.
Bob Everhart www.ntcma.net for Country Music News International Magazine

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