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CD: EDDIE CHWILL - There Ain't No Easy Way

There Ain't No Easy Way
There Ain't No Easy Way - Love Is All Around You - Somebody On My Mind - Taker Me Back Into Your World Again - 100% Of The Blues - Walk Through This World With Me - Next in Line - Rise 'N' Shine - Why Live A Straight Life - Smoke Filled Bar - Somewhere There's A Mountain - I Am Your Fire - I Remember Love - You Can Touch Her At All - You Made A Fool Out Of Me - No Word For It - I Don't Know What She Said - Too Old To Die Young
Eddie Chwill is a really good country singer.  He picked no less than eight songs to record on this CD that was written by perhaps Canada's most prolific country music songwriter, Dick Damron.  Damron's songs are not only in the realm of Canadian country music, many of America's super stars recorded his songs.  Chwill has a very nice way to interpret Damron's songs, and adds his own very distinct style to the songs.  I especially liked "Somebody On My Mind" because Chwill's voice is so very sincere as he sings the words he believes in.  I should mention that Dick Damron was one of the producers of this CD.  I don't know very much about Eddie Chwill's career as a country recording artist, but I can say this, he stands tall in the realm of country music as it once was, and should still be.  I believe his heritage is Ukranian, a geographical area much in the news as I write this, and I also believe that is a great combination for finding a sincere hook-up to really good country music.  This particular CD was recorded as far back as 1971, so you know it still has that really great original classic and traditional country music sound.  He's been singing country music since 1957 on local radio stations, along with an occasional television appearance, in and around Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  He's been doing his version of country music for over 50 years now, so as I forward this particular CD to the Rural Roots Music Commission, I hope they hear the same heart-felt sincerity that I hear on this recording.  As international country music goes, Eddie is doing a good job of keeping it a 'story-telling' musical adventure, very unlike so-called country music coming from Nashville these days.  Don't have the musicians names, but the steel player is very very good.  Anyone who liked country music of the 70's will certainly appreciate this very meaningful recording.  I especially liked the closing number, "Too Old to Die Young" that very famous Moe Bandy song, that sort of expresses the situation with country music these days.  Hang in there Eddie, you got a good thing going............for fifty years no less.
Review by Bob Everhart  www.ntcma.net
for Country Music News International Magazine 

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