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Crazy Lonesome Blue
Tittered and Tattered - Crazy Lonesome Blue - Hard Way to Lose - Date With the Devil - Heart of a Fool - Urban Pioneer - Nothing's Wrong (But There Sure Ain't Nothing Right) - He's Singing the Blues - Must Have Gotten Drunk - Rock Bottom - Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue/Roly Poly - My Loving Arms - Blue Moon Baby
The very first instrument that shocked me into listening intently to this CD is the fiddle player, Liz Sloan.  This rockabilly band is excellent, but they also have a Hank Williams Sr., kick to them that makes them almost hillbilly in nature, style, and music.  Recorded at the Log Cabin Studios in Leesburg, Virginia, I noted right off the bat how excellent the taping and mix is.  Les Thompson, I'm sure, played a major role in engineering and mixing this CD.  If you don't remember Mr. Thompson, he was the original lead singer for the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.  The motivating force on this CD is Danny Kay.  He has the voice, the acoustic rhythm guitar, and the drive behind recording it the way he wanted it to sound.  I'm so glad he did, the end result can stand up to anything on the market today coming from a major label.  Danny is no doubt finding some air play on Americana style stations, but in my opinion, he'd do well on any rock station looking for something unique, on any country station looking for something unique, on any hillbilly station looking for something unique, or any pop station looking for something unique.  Does this make Danny a wide spreading crossover artist?  No it doesn't, it means he would do better on any of those stations than anything they are playing today.  He also contributed eight original compositions to the project.  All of them fit right in to the overall concept, and happily they don't sound 'alike' as many original artists do when the record their projects.  Zach Sweeny is the super good electric lead guitar picker (as well as banjo on Moon Baby); and Dustin Delage does much of the drum work.  Mark Whiskey added some backing vocals, so the entire project is pretty much a standard, but a very good, version of early very popular country music before it turned into that devious electronic digitalized vocal perfect monster it has become.  This CD is a monster too, but one of the good ones especially with Liz Sloan's fiddle.  Off it goes to the Rural Roots Music Commission for CD of the Year award.  If I was Danny Kay I would be looking at 2015 dates next year, and a possible trip to Fremont, Nebraska, around October 2-3-4 for a possible appearance at the Christensen Field House for one of those 'you know it might happen' events.  Keep it up Danny, super good job well done all the way around.  I liked the intro to 'Five Foot Two Eyes of Blue' very interesting.
Review by Bob Everhart www.ntcma.net
for Country Music News International Magazine

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  1. On Upright Bass for Crazy Lonesome Blue was Jared McGovern