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Al Brake Releases New Single Hot Pink Lady!

Canadian Country Artist Al Brake Releases New Single Hot Pink Lady!

Canadian country artist, Al Brake, recently released his new single “Hot Pink Lady” from his self titled album. Al’s album was produced by industry great, Bob Bullock who has worked with country legends such as Shania Twain, Reba McEntire and George Strait. This song brings you back to the carefree roots of traditional country. You can hear the unmistakable influences of Kenny Chesney, Doc Walker, Tim McGraw and Uncle Kracker that all had a hand in shaping Al’s very own unique style.  
"I'm excited about Al Brakes new release "Hot Pink Lady" in the U.S. Al has been getting a lot of attention in his homeland (Canada) with his fresh brand of songs, and it is great to see him breaking into this Market. I have really enjoyed working with Al on this project and look forward to his music getting out to a larger audience"- Bob Bullock
In April of this year, Al won the Indie Music Channel’s award for Best Country Band. He also received two awards from IMC in 2013 for Best Country Producer and Best Country Recording for songs from his self titled Album.
Born the 11th of 11 children (8 Boys 3 Girls), Al started playing guitar around the age of 8. He observed all of his brothers and sisters playing and singing with his parents. Al’s father, a WWII veteran, was a talented fiddle player that greatly influenced him and his music. His mother had an amazing voice and expressed her love for singing on a daily basis around the house. “I do not remember a time when there wasn’t music around the old homestead. As a family we would performed in public for local festivals and Garden parties. I had my own band by age 18 and I started writing in 2008 and had some of my songs produced in 2010 in Nashville.” When Al is not performing or in the studio he spends his time with his wife and children in Canada.

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