Jolina Carl, in the right place at the right time!

Jolina Carl, in the right place at the right time!
Jolina is a german country singer, with a large repertoire of music and a compass of a voice, which reach far behind the limitation of country music. She started young at age to play the guitar and in 2003 she thought that it would be the right time to start her career, to make her hobby to be a full time job. That was no problem at all, because she had a very good background, with two graduations in classical & vocal apprenticeship.
Jolina Carl had a lot of success in the german country music scene, especially with german country songs. In 2009 she released her first debut album called “Lieber jetzt als irgendwann” (better know than some day), the album was recorded with the well – known pedal steel guitarist Mike Johnson.In November of the same year, she manage to gather a front positioning, in the german country music airplay charts, with a single, by the same title as the debut album. 
In January 2010, this same song, reached the top and achieve success in the german country music net charts, and at the same time a second song, written and vocalize in English, made it on the second place of the European country music airplay charts. In June of 2010, Jolina won a contest in the little western community called Lubbock Town – the price for the first place was a trip to Texas and an appearance in September at the cowboy symposium in Lubbock Texas. So off she went, and guess what, the people in Lubbock Texas loved her music.
Jolina Carl won a lot of prices with her german songs, but something was missing, something you could not describe.
Then she met her new manager Eleftherios Mavros that was the point, when everything start knit together, she began to grow beyond herself. Finally she had to make the choice, to go further as before, on the german track of country music or switch over into Anglophone.
Jolina made the right decision, she changed and it was the best thing, she ever made. She belongs in country music, and real country music is only made in Australia & the USA, and we all know, they don´t sing german over there.
Jolina Carl is quite busy at the moment, together with Mavros she launch the “Old Rocking Chair Label”, and a lot of her time, she is on the road, crossway through Germany, but she loves her music and you can hear and fell that in all her songs. Jolina Carl a professional with style and the courage to change!
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Article by Gaby Agrikola for Country Music News International

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