Beth Cayhall, Brings her Pageant Skills to a Jr. Miss Pageant Event

Beth Cayhall, Brings her Pageant Skills to a Jr. Miss Pageant Event

Beth Cayhall & 8th grade contestant winner Presley Cavazos
Country music powerhouse vocalist, Beth Cayhall, devoted her time last weekend by sharing her pageant advice as a guest judge, along with a performance at the Stewarts Creek Middle School’s Jr. Miss Pageant Lady In Red last Saturday in Smyrna, TN.
Cayhall, who was a former Ms. Delaware contestant and previously won Delaware’s Ms. Tri-County was one of the evaluators for the 32 students who participated in this pageant. Before the event started, she graced the stage and performed one of her latest songs she co-wrote with her industry peer and friend, Timothy Blocksom, called Mirror Mirror
“I couldn’t think of a better song to sing for this pageant,” said Beth. “When Timothy and I were writing it, I saw this being the perfect song for children and middle school ages. Young girls try to live up to what they see on TV or what’s in a magazine. Everyone is made so beautifully and they should believe in what they can be as individuals. Every participant here proved their confidence, intelligence and self-esteem and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this.”

Cayhall, who’s currently writing material for her next project, has been receiving a great response from radio and industry since the release of her debut single Boys Eat Your Hearts Out and her follow-up release, Just Love. GotCountryOnline called her a "young Shania Twain.” This effervescent gal is loaded with talent, ambition, and savvy style. Her latest album Worth Fighting For includes all but two songs which she co-wrote, teaming up with writers such as Dave Robbins and Lonnie Wilson. Former Country Music Association’s 'Who New To Watch Artist,' Cayhall has worked with Grammy-nominated producer Kent Wells (Dolly Parton) to highlight her fresh, upbeat approach to classic country music.

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