The Gift
The Gift - How Blue - Take This Rosary - I'll Give You A Daisy A Day - Wall of Tears
Every time I hear an Irish singer or songwriter, I seem to be impressed.  This beautiful young woman is astonishing as a classic country singer as well as a classic country songwriter.  You may say, how can an Irish woman be 'country?'  Very easily if you 'listen' to what is involved; in the lyrics, what musical instruments are playing, how it's arranged, how it's sung....easy.  Fiddle and guitar predominate in the first two songs.  Kate had some vocal help from Richie Penrose on the first song, and he too is an excellent classic country singer, very unlike the "wish they were" country singers in Nashville, who are really simply 'pop' singers.  These songs come in pairs, all of them a bit different, all of them sounding like they were cut in different studios with different musicians, although I can't say that for sure since I don't have the participants.  I like "Take This Rosary" but I like the way Kate does "Daisy A Day."  It opens with a very nice Irish sounding fiddle.  And, her voice takes us on a journey into the memories of someone thinking of another time, another place, another person.  "Wall of Tears" has some terrific steel on it, and all of the songs are extremely well mixed with Kate's voice in the spotlight, exactly where it should be.  There's an additional CD with an additional six songs on it without names, musicians, writers, or anything, but like the first five, it's once again super great classic country music with some incredible fiddle in it.  The other four tracks wouldn't come up so I'm not sure what they were, and quite obviously these tracks were not intended for review, but I thought they were great anyway.  We hardly ever get a really really good CD to place before the Rural Roots Music Commission for "International Classic Country CD of the Year" but this collection of songs prompts me to do that.  Kate will have her new CD out any day now, and I hope to be able to take a listen when it's available and bring you up to date.   Kate is at  
Review by Bob Everhart, President NTCMA
for Country Music News International

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