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CD: Dardin Smith - Love Calling

Dardin Smith
Love Calling

Angel Flight 3:59 Seven Wonders 3:35 Mine till Morning 3:29 Better Now  3:39 Favorite Way 2:59  Love Calling  3:45 Distracted 3:46 Reason to Live 3:43 I Smell Smoke   4:22Medicine Wheel   3:15 Baltimore 3:05

The way my week has been going I really could use an Angel Flight. Dardin Smith really sets that tone that I could use at this point. Monday I find out there is a large section of my frontal lobe that was removed during the operation to keep me alive. Since waking from the coma, and the problems that have since followed, I believed that I would probably have to undergo another surgery to remove a scar. Well, I found out there was nothing they could do about it and it’ll only get worse until I wind up in complete dementia. Tuesday, the next door neighbor dies, and Wednesday my brother winds up beginning a divorce.
            It’s hard not to think about these things and let them get you down. So, I’ve decided to enjoy every moment until I’m mentally gone. Angel Flight perfectly matched my mood as I began this album. Lyrically, it’s the comforting words that seem to sooth, “Come on brother, I’m taking you home.”
            Seven Wonders, changes the mood and tone to some upbeat country with just nice acoustics, and simple drumbeat keeping the pace. It is about a girl that has become the seven wonders of his world. So far, I really like Dardin Smith. He has a great voice, matching lyrics, and seems to keep it as real as can be; no keyboards, no digital mixes, no in your face type pounding. It’s just great country.
            Mine Till Morning is a song that sends out the question to a girl. “Could you be mine till the morning?” It gets to a man like me who sits by himself at night, writing on a laptop, while sitting in bed. Better Man is about a slide into darkness, and how he is better now because those black clouds have cleared. Every day he gets higher, better now. This is a song that I’d love to jam out to a girl if I could remember how to play guitar.
            The title track, Love Calling, is way more upbeat and has a fiddle accompanying it with empty strokes. His singing kind of gets you bouncing in your seat. There is a keyboard on this but it just adds to the melody.
            I Smell Smoke, he sings and all I can think of is a cigarette.  I like this album, but he must be a nonsmoker. Wait a minute, I think he realizes his girl is getting back with her ex- because he smells smoke and that means she’s cheating on him.
            I really enjoyed this album. It was much more down to Earth than I have seen in a while. The album reminds me of hanging out at late night jam sessions with friends. The stories were real and you could trust each other and build from each other. Dardin Smith just sounds like he is an approachable guy and he would really enjoy your input on his songs. He just seems like a guy who just plays small mountain venues, like a late night gig in a lodge and a fire keeping the entire room warm. Maybe it’s not your kind of music you think, but if it catches you in the mood I was in you couldn’t find anything more perfect and fitting.

Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International

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