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CD: Stephanie Grace – Stephanie Grace

Stephanie Grace – Stephanie Grace

Hey There – Would You Be Mine – Rumors – If You Asked Me (EP Version) - Wish I Knew – The Sound

Does Nashville’s rising star Stephanie Grace have got it (grace)? Well she at least has got a vigorous and young country featuring a very sweet albeit mature voice along with lively melodies (“Hey There”).

Through her songs Stephanie is often tackling girlish issues such as being ignored by a boy (“Would You Be Mine”), or mean people who spread bad words (“Rumors”)

The instrumentation seems on that EP quite rock-oriented with heavy guitars and banging, insistent drums which are to recall Avril Lavigne’s debut. On top of that, way is made for backing vocals which make it really uplifting (“Wish I knew”).

There is on these previous points a clear opposition in Stephanie’s songs between the powerful music she plays and the sadness of her words which often talk about the ugly side of love (being let down or misunderstood).

This being said, that beauty queen, only 17, seems to have promising days forthcoming especially if you think that she already has more than 70 songs in her bag as a songwriter!
You can hear more songs from Stephanie onto her official website:

Antoine Betbèze, for Country Music News International

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