It's All Right
One Pair Of Hands - Just A Little Talk With Jesus - Mansion Over The Hilltop - Sunday Morning Music - Edelweiss - Jesus And Me - It's All Right - Old Rugged Cross - I See God - Precious Momories -  There Is No God, But God - I'll Fly Away Medley
To me, anyone that does Gospel Music is doing the 'right' thing.  Even the smallest bird cannot sing with the biggest of eagles, and what I mean by that is that us simple folk who still live in rural America might not be the next big Columbia Records hit recording artist.   We 'can' be among those who carry the gospel with us wherever we go, especially in our hearts, and true to the devotion we carry honoring our Lord Jesus Christ.  Rick is an excellent guitarist, and his Martin guitar is sounding extremely good in this session along side the backing tracks.  He has also become one of our finest chromatic harmonica players, as well as a singer and humorist.  Harriette is a finely honed acoustic upright bass player, vocalist and humorist.  Gospel music is readily accepted in all it's many forms by the rural folks of America.  The 'realer' the better.  We have here a good example of what Gospel Music sounds like, in person, in a little white country church like St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Neola, Iowa.  Perhaps some of the endings could have been a little smoother, but the ending is not always what is important, it's where we start, and what we say, and in this case, sing.  Rick did a nice job over-dubbing in the studio.  His harmonica blends well with his guitar, and he seems to know exactly what he's looking for when he does this.  He either puts the chords down first and leaves space for the additional instruments, or he simply plays out a rhythm track and then adds both guitar and harmonica to that in the overdub.  This CD will appear in the Germany Internet Magazine, International Country Music, so I'm sure they will all like "Edelweiss."  No liner notes on who is doing the accompanying tracks, but they are all well done  Rick & Harriette Andersen, 25142 230th St., Underwood, Ia 51516  
Review by Bob Everhart,
for Country Music News International 

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