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Sammy Sadler Murder On Music Row

Sammy Sadler and "Murder On Music Row" Featured in Investigation Discovery Channel Television Series 
"Fatal Encounters" To Air This Week

Sammy Sadler.
The Investigation Discovery Channel has announced the airing of a new season of the series "Fatal Encounters" with the premiere episode focusing on the "Murder On Music Row," the March 1989 incident surrounding the high-profile shootings of then Cashbox Magazine chart editor Kevin Hughes and Country entertainer Sammy Sadler. What appeared to be a random shooting left Hughes dead, Sadler bleeding in his car and the residents and businesses on Music Row in shock.

FATAL ENCOUNTERS recounts the ill-fated business relationship between killer and victim as their paths intertwined. Chance meetings, everyday decisions, and random acts of violence send ordinary people down a deadly collision course toward their own mortality. The show features actors dramatizing real events.

Each episode begins with the introduction of the victim and the killer as they go about their normal business, unaware of what's about to transpire. While an on-screen clock counts down the victim's final hours, days, or even years, viewers track the decisions and actions that bring the victim closer to their killer's fatal trap, not knowing until the last moment which person will fall prey and who will have blood on their hands.

Sadler will appear in the "Murder On Music Row" episode along with Metro Nashville police officials who worked on the original case. The shooting was re-enacted for the show during filming this past summer on Music Row in Nashville.

The "Murder On Music Row" episode airs this Thursday August 29, 2013 at 9:00pm eastern on the Discovery Channel.

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