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                                 What is ,really,the true?Country is the father of the rock?
                                  To ask that we need to jumping with our heads inside country and rock....clear, like water from a fountain...
                                   Let's do it!We need to do a travel in time to understand all that!!!
    Hey!You!....Yes...you!!can you come with us in this travel?Come!Who comes first?Country or rock?What point of contact is with this two ritmics....???? Or they are one son of the other?Country is more old,I think!!!!What I really want to know is if  theres a day that this two,each one by a way and suddenly one is in front the other and one born....maybe rock, I think!!!!
    This two ritmics are musical notes,lyrics,a brain inside a head and a man or woman that write- a songwriter....with changes in the way to say words,with fast notes and ritmic...we can do or country,or rock,or waltz,or samba,or to much things....musical things...
   But I thin that is no so simple like that!!!!We need time,brain,needs,more things to criate a new genre of music...rock is a particular thing...like country ....is a thing that is universal....is not a thing of one place,one group of people....is in all the world!!!!But...in what period of our lifes, it happens...
   I think that Country is the past, and the time give us with a base in Country a new kind of music....the rock'n'roll....sometimes I have doubts with this,and then I want discuss with all the Country people to give his oppinion....my e mail ,rrmb534@yahoo.com.br  
   Goin on!!! Gospel is religious...is not father of rock...
   Country says about land,love,people,cowboys,cowgirls....with fast notes and one touch here, another there....who knows? We need to do a DNA test....more easy!!!!
    Samba has his own way ,his wonderfull ritmic...but is not father of rock'n'roll!!!!
   But country can be the father of Rock....theres....rockabilly....maybe the fusion of country and rock....look!!!Theres something with both!!!!
   And you,readers?What is going in your brain....can you teach me???
   Am I rigth or wrong????
   Well, in this day....today I think that Country is father of rock'n'roll,but if someone of our readers can say something about....we can discuss it!!!
    Yes!Country and rock together!!!!Very good!!!!I wait your considerations about!!!
    Hugs and health for all!!!
    RR(Regina and Ronaldo from Brasil to CMNI.)

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