CD: Lucy Malheur - I Can Wait

Lucy Malheur
I Can Wait

Mickey’s Marker 3:51 Southern Comfort on my Mind 4:34 Needle in a Haystack 3:12
 I Can Wait 3:12 My Old Home 3:40 I Believe 3:41 Short, Fat, and Ugly 3:42 A Shoulder to Cry On 3:49
Sunny Saturday 3:43 What a Fool I’ve Been 3:25 Sunday in Badwater City 3:32Barrister Blues 3:09 No More Rain 2:55 Braggartsville 2:42 Wanted 3:20 I’m a Stranger 3:31 Blame it on the Change 3:42 Mister Albert Lee 3:31

Mickey’s Marker opens up with a fiddle. Then, Lucy comes in; a good voice, kinda different. I really was expecting to hear some Disney music. Who knows, maybe this is a song for Disneyworld. I had to listen to it a few times because I wasn’t quite sure why Mickey needed a marker so bad. I never really figured it out. It seems like Mickey is sick, but why does he need some markers? I think he was supposed to draw a line on the road so they could follow it home. Isn’t that like the story of those kids who dropped breadcrumbs? I mean what if it rains. Mickey had better get some permanent markers.
 Next is Southern Comfort on my Mind, if Mickey needs markers and she needs Southern Comfort that would make a really weird mix. I think I know why she wants Mickey to have markers. It’s so he can draw her drinking and crying at the same time.  I really hope Mickey isn’t her kid.
I really like the way this album has a lot of different genres of song. Needle in a Haystack is exactly what I’m talking about. There is what sounds like an electric guitar, maybe it’s not but it really fits and accompanies you through this song.  Usually, at this point I know whether I care for a band or not. This one is a great deal different because I’m much more interested in what is coming next.
Now here we go a real down home country song. I Can Wait is the kinda song you’d imagine hearing at a big country venue while riding that mechanical bull. I can just feel my hat being swung over my head with each buck as the second clock is climbing and my boots are grinding the thing.
The fiddle is back in play, but on My Old Home it’s not so much bluegrass as the first song. I really can imagine a road trip though the plains or prairie states. Waking up at some motel, grabbing some coffee and jumping in that car early on the way home to some small town is this kinda song. I Believe is a much slower song, almost a ballad. This song has a very nice piano, and a great melody.  It makes you wonder what the inspiration for this song was.
Short, Fat, and Ugly is not how I like my women. I sure hope Lucy doesn’t either. In this day and age, you never know. Oh, that’s how she felt. I haven’t seen a picture of her so I don’t know and can’t tell you. But, there is that blues guitar again.
A Shoulder to Cry On comes up next. Someone better go fetch Mickey and get him some markers. She’s going to start crying again. This song has an electric guitar that pushes it through.
The rest of the songs on the album have that old, “wild-west,” sound to them. You can really feel the wanted posters coming through on Braggartsville. That is, by far, my favorite song on the album. This is a difficult album to review due to the many different kinds of songs. The fiddle is really an intricate part of this album. I can’t say I like it because it’s not something I’d be walking around listening to. However, I can really see a great deal of people really enjoying this album. 

Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International

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