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Best of Doo-Wop 1959

Best of Doo-Wop
I Only Have Eyes For You  3:20 Love Potion No. 9  1:52 This I Swear  2:40
The Angels Listened In  2:02 Island of Love  2:22 You’re So Fine 2:25
Sorry (I Ran All the Way Home) 2:33 My Love Will Never Die 2:23
Wiggle, Wiggle 2:02 Dedicated to the One I Love 2:03 Senorita, I Love You 2:33
A Teenager in Love 2:38 Shimmey Shimmy Ko-Ko Bop 2:09
Moonlight Serenade 2:52 Who’s That Knocking 2:15 Just to Be With You 2:23
Charlie Brown 2:21 Dearest Darling 2:29 Dry Your Eyes 2:06
(Baby) Hulley Gulley 2:06 Puppy Love Little 2:37 Rockin’ In the Jungle 2:31
You Were Mine 1:57 Good News 2:26 Mope-Itty Mope 2:04 Sea of Love 2:24
Let it Please Be With You 2:18 There Goes My Love 2:05
My Beloved(Without Strings) 2:25 Oh Rose Marie 2:20 This Broken Heart 3:02 There Goes My Baby 2:10 Shout 1&2 4:33

I woke up, jumped on a bus heading south, plugged the netbook in and clicked on the player. It’s early and finally a few days to escape the confines of the room and the worries that face my daily life. By 1:00p.m. I’ll be on the beach, or even better donning a snorkel and mask while gazing down at a living reef in crystal blue water. Actually, at this point Doo-Wop just seems appropriate for my surroundings. I Only Have Eyes for You begins and I gaze over at an old Rastafarian with dreadlocks that almost shake to the song as he plays with his laptop.
            Love Potion No. 9 comes on with a nice saxophone to accentuate the flatland and the single story houses that decorate the highway. This I Swear just makes me think that their mouths must have been really sanitized by the teachers back then. Or, was there some sort of guy’s chastity belt that locked up their balls until a certain age? The Angels Listened In must explain it. Those same angels must have followed them back from church. Maybe there was some strange liquid adhesive stuck in their holy water to keep their hands off the girls.
            Island of Love starts up and I think the chocolate and soda must have set something off in my head, because now it’s just making me anxious for this trip to end. You’re So Fine is next. I’m sitting here and nothing else could be further from what I’m thinking. More like I’m wondering which trailer park’s overflowing trashcan did this beast across the aisle crawl out of. I can just picture her licking peanut butter off a cockroach.
Sorry (I ran all the way home) no that’s the title of the song. Now, I’m really back home. I really wish I could’ve run all the way home. Getting stuck in 100 degree heat after someone stole a credit card and charged $600 was not what I expected when I left. My Love Will Never Die is completely the opposite of how I feel about that place right now. Wiggle Wiggle? I really hope this isn’t a song about some weird activity with a kind of farm animal. Okay, it’s about a girl.
Dedicated To the One I Love I’m sure I’ve heard a cover of this one before. Senorita, I Love You kinda fit with where I was. South Florida has a majority of Latin Americans. A Teenager in Love is a song that everyone has probably heard.
I could really keep going on forever. It’s just been that kind of week. It’s really hard for me to review this. I definitely have no business critiquing it. The album is loaded with songs that have been incredibly influential to modern music. I’d have to say that over ninety percent I’d heard before in either movies or cover tunes. I’d definitely say that this is a must have for any aspiring film producer. I know that no matter how bad my week got, I just put the album on and felt as if I was walking through the reels for someone else to view.  

Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International

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