CD: TERRY KRUGER - Mountain Bluebird

Mountain Bluebird
Mountain Bluebird - Corner Store - Spirits - Fireball Mail - Coal Creek Chimes - Hickups - Cuckoo - My Home's Across The Blueridge Mountains - Baba's Tuen - Clinch Mountain Backstep - Santa Claus - Lost All My Money - Swan River Blues - Breaking Up Christmas - Grandfathers Clock - Long Road Back To Sally
It's not often we get the extreme opportunity to hear  Appalachian mountain music played really really well, but here it is in the frailing hands and fingers of Terry Kruger, a Canadian no less.  I've always been a fan of frailing banjo, mostly because of its nice gallop across the strings and music that creates a happy feeling.  On this CD, Terry Kruger not only gallops, he allow his fellow musicians to join him on a remarkable experience of playing old-time really well.  The bass actually dances.  I don't mean it's flying all over the place, it sets the beat, the rhythm, the delightful back and forth lay that acoustic bass sounds so good at. Dirk Powell is this prolific bass player that sounds like glue to Terry's banjo, no matter what he's playing. He also adds guitar and mandolin in the overdub.  On the fiddle, appropriately taking second chair to the banjo is Kevin Wimmer who also knows exactly how that mountain sound developed and therefore is able to reinvent it backing Terry.  These guys have been around awhile, and they, like all dedicated musicians, have had their ups and downs, but you can be sure of one thing they know how to make happy music.  It's an all instrumental CD, equally good to actually sit down and listen to, or in the background for simple pleasure. These exotic musicians went to exotic New Orleans to 'create' this masterpiece of old-time instrumental music.  Dirk Powell producing, engineering, mixing, and mastering at the Cypress House in Breaux Bridge.  Wow there's a couple of delicious Cajun food restaurants in Breaux Bridge.  Dirk works for Sugar Hill if the name sounds familiar, and his expertise in the final product is astonishingly authentic mountain style music.  So rare these days in a phobia of non-music sound-alike insults to the creative process. These guys don't have to 'push' to get this delightful sound, they are naturals especially together in more ways than one. This is creativity alive and well, and certainly unaltered by modern standards. This CD goes immediately to the Rural Roots Music Commission for their perusal.  I see 'old-time' all over this project, an authentic one we rarely get. Five stars from me Terry.
Bob Everhart, Reviewer

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