Donegal Jig - Georgian Moon Waltz - Joys of Quebec - Mary Dear - Waltz Quadrille - Take Me Back - Chinese Breakdown - Old Jim Smith's Two-Step - Black Velvet Waltz - Teeswater - Silver and Gold Two-Step - Dewdrops on the Roses - Little Burnt Potato - When The Saints Go Marching In - Golden Slippers - Farmers Jamboree - Smile The While - MacDougall's Polka - Paint Lake Waltz - Soldier's Joy
In a musical age that has very nearly forgotten what 'olde-tyme' music is, every once in awhile a remarkable group that still plays the old songs pops up.  We still have the old 78rpm records, and even some LP's that keep a memory alive of what this music was all about, but rarely do we get to hear it 'live' which is what Gordon's Old Tyme Music Band is all about.  This gifted Canadian group has been playing it a long time, and they have stayed true to it's roots and origins. Well just about.  The old upright piano has given way to a lap electronic keyboard, but be that as it may, it still sounds pretty close to the original.  With Sadie Tiffin tickling the keys, it makes for the bed rock of this interesting group  Mary Hehn is on the guitar, Alex Robertson tries his hand at the banjo (very old-timey), David Wall is on the bass, and Gordon Wall is on the violin.  These Canadians prefer to call it the violin, not the fiddle.  Bottom line, this is a group that provides dance music for those in Ontario that still 'remember' how to jig, or how to do a reel, or even a Quadrille.  Plus all that great 'dancing' music, this wonderful olde tyme group has managed to find a few pure nuggets of old songs that without this recording might not ever be heard again.  "Little Burnt Potato" is an example, so perhaps might  be the "Farmer's Jamboree."  We've had lots of Canadian performers and groups come to our festival in LeMars, Iowa, and I'm passing this CD along to the Rural Roots Music Commission.  They will certainly take out their pens and pencils to mark this one definitely for 'olde tyme,' for that is exactly what it is.
Bob Everhart - Reviewer -

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