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BOBBY G. RICE - Down In Texas

Down In Texas
     This is one of those one-song releases, directed almost entirely toward disc jockeys around the world.  This remarkable 'new' marketing technique is a development of Alan Karls' work with Century II Records.  For me it's the beginning of a 'new' way to get classic and traditional country music back.  You might remember Bobby Rice's big hit (some time ago) "You Lay So Easy On My Mind" which launched his country music career.  We inducted him into America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame while we were still in Missouri Valley. Here he is again, with a song written by Iowa's own Robbie Wittkowski, Little Jimmy Dickens, and Bobby as well.  This new 'system' is how 'new' thinking is getting this music played.  This is a super song, well written and well played.  Western-Swing and a little honky-tonk for flavor makes it an instant 'listen-to' because it's fun, it's good, it mentions Austin, and it's marketable.  Something is happening with musicians too, Bobby Flores is playing fiddle (didn't we just see him at Wahoo), and Jim Loessberg is producer and engineer, all the way around absolutely terrific.  More more more more!
Bob Everhart, Reviewer... www.ntcma.net 

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