DAVID GREEN - The Bluegrass Is Callin' For Me

The Bluegrass Is Callin' For Me
Mountain Dew - When It's Time For The Whippoorwill to Sing - Bluebirds Are Callin' - Old Love Letters - He Took Your Place - Goldrush - Before I Met You - Blueridge Mountain Music - White Dove - Lonesome 77203
David Green is one of our long-time Iowa pickers and singers that has over the years stayed in the background.  He is without a doubt one of the cleanest Martin lead guitar pickers in our entire area, and he has an excellent grasp of picking 'lead' even though he might never have played the song before.  It's the same with his singing, he is one of those wonderful vocalists that stays out of the limelight.  Why that is, I don't know.  Probably shyness, or maybe just not interested, or more likely, in the upper Midwest if you step too strongly into the lime-light you might be considered too pushy, or perhaps "he's full of himself" as some might say, but none of that is true with David.  He comes from a very gifted family of old-time country music makers, singers, writers, and players.  I first heard his Uncle Ben Green a long time ago.  Ben was from Kansas, and had an incredibly good bluegrass band.  David is well on the way of following in his Uncle Ben's footsteps.  His selection of tunes is a direct result of not only listening to his Uncle play these old mountain songs, it's also a reflection of what he has picked up over the years playing behind a huge number of other singers and pickers.  The name of this project is "The Bluegrass Is Callin' For Me," and I believe that is exactly where David is headed.  The total mix on this project has a few ups and downs in volume levels, but in total it's a good representation of what this kind of music is. The mandolin and banjo is missing on this particular session, which in my estimation puts it sort of where old-time mountain music might be.  Produced and recorded at the R&H Studios in Iowa, Rick Andersen is on acoustic guitar and harmonica, with his wife Harriette on acoustic upright bass.  David played acoustic rhythm and lead guitar, and overdubbed his own vocal harmonies.  If you like your country music, and in this case old-time country music, the way it was all those many years ago, this is a perfect fit for your ear.  I really like the very last song "Lonesome 77203" in which David managed to get his Dad to sing it with him.  His Dad was a long-time picker and singer of old-time country music, but suffered no less than two strokes before David had this opportunity to get him into a recording studio.  And yes, Dad did just fine.  He put the finishing touch on a finely recorded CD.  "That's a wrap."  I have a couple of other favorites too, "Bluebirds Are Calling" is especially well done.  "Goldrush" also has that up-tempo that demonstrates some fine pickin'  All in all I suspect this one will be listened to with interest by the Rural Roots Music Commission.
Bob Everhart, Reviewer www.ntcma.net

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