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      It's off to the Seminole Indian Reservation for a stay at their wide open spaces RV Park.  Bob, Sheila, and Bobbie Lhea Everhart, of Anita, Iowa, are off on another adventure.  "We like to stay in the State Parks," Bob said, "but the snowbirds fill them up and it's almost impossible to find a spot in the months of February and March.  They all come down from the Northeast, and who can blame them, the winter has been so incredibly bad this year.  The RV park we are in is far removed from civilization, it's 50 miles just to the nearest grocery store, so we had to stock up.  We like the park because it is not only isolated, the wildlife is incredible, and our campers are far far apart from each other.  It's also not so expensive."
     "We had one really nice gig while we were at Big Cypress," Sheila added.  "it was the monthly program for the Broward Folk Music Club.  The show was at the Big Picture Cafe in Davie, Florida, (about 45 miles away) and we just loved it.  It wasn't a really large room, but it was standing room only, and that made it kind of neat.  The cafe' is a sort of health food and coffee house.  We really enjoyed performing for the folkies that came, and we were really surprised to see Tom & Bernie Worrell come in from Miami.  Of course we promptly did a spot with Bernie playing the bones, and you should have heard the roar from the audience when 'Redwing' was over with.  What a treat."
     "I thought the folk club was neat," Bobbie Lhea added, "there were even people there from Argentina, Guana, and Norway, so it was pretty special.  I also got some herbal tea to take home with me.  I have some just before bedtime.  Dad didn't have to worry so much about a budget lunch either, he found one for free.  At the RV park we are staying at they have free hamburgers and hotdogs every Sunday afternoon, along with finger food and whatever else they bring for pot-luck, so of course this is our 'budget lunch' for this week."

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