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     "We're wondering which is worse, 'Texas Crud' or the 'Florida Bug?'  Bob & Sheila are in Florida, performing their hit 'on the road' Smithsonian Show, "Traveling Museum of Music," and now they are down with the Florida Bug.  "This is a very strong flu virus," Bob said, "and it takes all our passion and energy away.  We have a nice gig to do in Crystal River, and I don't want to cancel it, but this 'bug' is serious.  I had to go to the doctor, who gave me some medicine, as well as some breathing apparatus to help with lung congestion, but it's a slow process.  The 'Texas Crud' was bad, we got it last year when we were in the Rio Grande Valley, but I don't believe it's as bad as this Florida flu-bug.  It bothers my singing because there is so much nasal congestion, and that makes my hearing bad.  It's also the bad 'ache' that goes with it all the time, and sometimes it's hard to sleep.  I don't know we'll see."
     Sheila was quick to add, "Bob signed a contract with the city of Crystal River to do their Manatee Festival, and he just hated to cancel the show, so we decided to go anyway, even though he felt terrible.  We set up in the middle of a huge arts and crafts show, lots of food vendors, and a regular 'fair' of sorts.  The stage where we were at, was right beneath a high light pole where two Osprey's were building their nest.  Bobbie Lhea got some good photos of the Ospreys diving down, just about on top of us, as they went through the nest building process.  We apparently didn't disturb them too much, they just kept on building while we played."
     "We had to do three shows," Bob added, "but they were only 30-minute ones, so we managed, even though I felt so tired from the flu-bug.  We were also treated to some good pulled pork sandwiches, but Bobbie Lhea said that didn't qualify as a budget lunch.  Anyway, we enjoyed doing the program, but we would have enjoyed it a lot more had we felt better.  Even at our worst, there was still a sizable crowd, since it was a Chamber of Commerce sponsored program."
     "Dad found a neat little restaurant for our budget lunch," Bobbie Lhea piped up.  "It was called "China Taste" and we had so much food, we even took some home with us for later.  Dad had beef teriyaki, and Mom and I had chicken sesame.  It was really good.  We even had some tea, and the three meals cost $19, so of course Dad was happy about that."

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