LeAnn Rimes Makes Paparazzi Photo Deal

Have you ever noticed that some celebrities are constantly photographed while others are rarely seen in public? I mean, certainly there aren’t a bunch of famous people who are just afraid to ever leave their house for fear of a photo being snapped while they walk their dog or carrying a bag of groceries. 
Most just take it all in stride; thus the same old pics of Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman getting Starbucks, or Taylor Swift shopping. However, LeAnn Rimes is constantly snapped looking lean and showing-off in her bikini bod while lounging and frolicking on the beach. 
Turns out, there’s more than just a little luck involved. According to Radar Online, LeAnn is a bit of an attention seeker.
Apparently, LeAnn tips off photographers of her where abouts ahead of time. Then, the paps simply sell the most flattering pics of the singer to media outlets. This, of course, is all according to “a source.”

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