My Big Redneck Vacation

CMT is celebrating a new year with big premieres on Jan. 26 when season three of My Big Redneck Vacation debuts, followed by the series premiere of Guntucky.
The Clampets have wreaked havoc on the Hamptons, befriended the British and now they're traveling across the U.S. to spread some all-American, redneck love in the all-new season of My Big Redneck Vacation. Tom Arnold returns as host of the hit series, following the family on their cross-country road trip as they journey to new places: Miami's South Beach; Washington, D.C.; Mount Rushmore in South Dakota; a dude ranch in Colorado; Area 51 in Nevada; a Native American Indian reservation in the Grand Canyon and more. The family explores new cultures and values throughout the 13-episode season, leaving their redneck stamp on each postcard destination along the way. New episodes of My Big Redneck Vacation will premiere weekly at 9 p.m. ET/PT.
The 10-episode series Guntucky follows the three generations of the Sumner family who run Knob Creek Gun Range in Knob Creek, Ky. At the range, it's up to the family to keep things running smoothly as customers use, try out, purchase and sell weapons across a broad spectrum of firearms -- from cannons to machine guns.

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