David Ball; Grammy Winner and Icon Music Legend Promotes Christmas CD

David Ball; Grammy Winner and Icon
Music Legend Promotes Christmas CD

David Ball.jpgNashville, TN – David Ball solidified his spot in music history early in his career. As a founding member of the legendary Uncle Walt’s Band (with Walter Hyatt and Champ Hood), Ball cut his chops as a musician, writer and performer.

“We’d come home from school every afternoon and play music in Walter’s basement ‘til it was time to go home,” Ball says of his childhood pal, Hyatt.

The award winning singer/songwriter has enjoyed enormous commercial success in Country Music with top charting hits like “Thinkin’ Problem,” “Look What Followed me Home” and “Riding With Private Malone,” has performed at the Kennedy Center Honors, on the Grand Ole Opry and has a Grammy Award on a shelf at home.

Not one to rest on his many laurels, Ball continues to tour with his band, The Pioneer Playboys, and has planned several concerts featuring music from his Christmas CD, THE GREATEST CHRISTMAS.

Ball considers himself a “melody guy” who believes, as John Lennon did, that a memorable melody trumps lyrics every time. “Great songs have great lyrics AND a great melody,” Ball says. “People come in the door with a melody, they may sit down awhile for a lyric, but there aren’t any rules. That’s what makes it interesting.”
Not bound or beholden to genre, Ball’s recent album, SPARKLE CITY, is a mix of flavors; Americana, Jazz, Tex-Mex as well as Country. His brand of Country is rooted in the 1950’s with elements of Folk. The big Texas dancehalls of past decades were clearly a great inspiration to Ball’s music, and he has a repertoire of songs longer than a 1976 Cadillac Eldorado.
Ball has played with Bob Dylan and counts among his friends Lyle Lovett, who has recorded David’s music and was a longtime fan of Uncle Walt’s Band. The humble music man, however, is not one to name drop. A prolific songwriter, he prefers to simply write, perform and work out new arrangements with the band that both tours and records with him, unlike most contemporary artists who use studio musicians for their recorded projects.

“The sound you get on our records,” Ball says, “is the same sound you get when you come to a show. I just like it that way. These guys know the tunes inside and out. If we hit on a nice musical riff and want to play it over and over before getting to the next verse, well, we do that.”

In an age when just a handful of artists are filling arenas and music sales are up and down, Ball actually prefers the intimacy of playing smaller venues and especially, performing arts theaters. “I love the theaters and smaller venues,” he says. “The shows aren’t regimented, I can wander off and tell stories as they come to me, and share songs that might’ve just popped into my head.”

David supports and is a celebrity spokesman for Operation Troop Aid, an organization, founded by Navy veteran Mark Woods, that sends care packages to deployed US Troops.

For information on David Ball & The Pioneer Playboys, go to www.davidball.com

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