Coy Taylor Performance Raises $30,000 for Texas Equusearch

Coy Taylor Performance Raises $30,000 for Texas Equusearch

HOUSTON, Texas — Country Singer Coy Taylor ‘s recent appearance at Showdowns Dance Hall & Saloon in Houston raised just under $30,000 for Texas Equusearch, a search and rescue organization dedicated to searching for missing persons.

“We would like to extend a Texas size thank you to Mr. Coy Taylor, The Coy Taylor Band, and their sound crew that donated their time and an awesome concert to our fundraising effort,” Texas Equusearch Search Coordinator John White said. “Due to the contributions of a lot of great people, and especially Coy and the band, we were able to raise more than $29,000 to help this organization continue to help reunite families with missing love ones or bring closure to help them get through the grieving process.

“For an organization of all-volunteers, in this economy, this is a huge success,” White continued. “We would like for this to become an annual event and this is a stepping stone for a much greater result fundraisers. Again, we cannot thank Coy and the Band enough for all their help. They did a great job promoting our fundraiser before the event and on stage. They were very professional and thoughtful with all the volunteers and club staff. They were available and polite to the fans customers.”

In the past few months, Taylor has been touring relentlessly across the southeast.  Since arriving in Nashville five years ago, Taylor has been building a strong fan base while he works with such well-known names as Brady Seals (Little Texas) and Grand Ole Opry legend Little Jimmy Dickens.

Texas EquuSearch (TES) has increasingly become involved in high-profile abduction cases, including that of Natalee Holloway, working through local law enforcement agencies. TES is headquartered in Dickinson, Texas, a suburb of Houston.

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