I Draw Slow's Album, Redhills, Now Available on Pinecastle Records

I Draw Slow's Album, Redhills, Now Available on Pinecastle Records
Columbus, NC August 7, 2012 - Irish bluegrass/folk artists I Draw Slow have released their critically acclaimed project, Redhills, on Pinecastle Records prior to their U.S. tour this fall. The band and Redhills have been featured on Irish television and reviewed by influential Irish music magazines and blogs and now the album has come to the U.S. Radio stations around the country are already playing their new album.
"...this one is absolutely stellar...I love the old time fiddle sound on the album." - Billy Meyers, WRFL
"Their release is beautiful - absolutely beautiful.  What a wonderful collection of songs, and the arrangements are, again, beautiful." - Martin Anderson, WNCW
"Beautiful Music from I Draw Slow,   I love that sound that is both ancient and fresh at the same time." - John Roten, WPEK/WMXF Mountain Music Time
The songwriting duo of siblings Dave (guitar) and Louise (vocals) Holden along with bandmembers Adrian Hart (fiddle), Colin Derham (banjo), and Konrad Liddy (bass) came together to form I Draw Slow in 2007. All five members have toured the Irish and European circuit as well as spending time in the U.S. The band has created a mesmerizing sound somewhere between bluegrass and celtic. They perfectly blend Appalachian and Irish music while transcending both. Bluegrass and Appalachian music owes much of its pedigree to Irish music and I Draw Slow brings that sound full circle.
The band has filmed two music videos featuring tunes from the Redhills album. The video for “Goldmine” has a cast and crew of dozens, including professional actors and actresses in full costume. The video for “Swans” was recorded live on a hill in South Dublin in one take with five microphones and is mandatory for anyone interested in the band. Together the videos have over 50,000 views. The band’s YouTube channel www.youtube.com/idrawslow also contains more live performances of the band from TV shows, clubs and festivals.
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I Draw Slow at www.pinecastlemusic.com
About Pinecastle Records:
Pinecastle Records was created nearly 22 years ago as a favor to a friend and has since grown into a legendary label with nearly 250 releases in its catalog including titles from some of the most influential musicians in the bluegrass genre such as Eddie Adcock, The Osborne Brothers, Jim and Jesse and Charlie Waller & The Country Gentlemen. Pinecastle has always placed an emphasis on fostering the talents of bluegrass up and comers and has helped with the growth of the careers of Terry Eldredge, Jesse Brock, Josh Williams, and Kristin Scott Benson, among others. Today, Pinecastle is headquartered in the mountains of southwestern North Carolina owned by businessman and medical doctor, Lonnie Lassiter.

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