Carrie and Leanne Benn Irish Country Music

Carrie and Leanne Benn, born in London to Irish parents from Co. Clare and Co. Fermanagh, have always had a love for Irish and Country music. Growing up in an Irish community in 1980s London saw a brilliant era in Irish music; going to festivals & dances to see Big Tom & The Mainliners, Joe Dolan, Mick Flavin, Philomena Begley, John Hogan and Declan Nerney was the order of the day. Also spending the weekend nights going to see their Dad play in his band The Benn Brothers set the scene for two little sisters to become huge country music fans. It wasn’t until a few years later that carving out a career for themselves in the music business became a reality……..

Music has always been in the Benn family; the girl’s Dad Liam still plays with his band The Benn Brothers on the Irish country scene in London – 2008 will see them achieve 40 successful years in the business! This influence from an early age was what prompted the start of a musical career for both girls that began professionally for Carrie when she was 9 and Leanne when she was 7. Singing and dancing at home was very much a normal part of family life for the girls but being asked to audition for a cathedral choir in 1989 marked the beginning of the formal training that was to continue for nearly ten years and lead to their development as qualified vocalists and musicians, and give them a start in learning their craft.
Carrie is the older half of The Benn Sisters singing lead and harmony vocals and playing guitar in their show. Born on New Years' Eve 1980 she began playing in bands professionally aged 19, with her first ever appearance on stage taking place in the famous Galtymore Club, Cricklewood Broadway. Carrie's musical training started at the age of 9 where she was spotted by Choir mistress Jane Shoe smith at a school assembly. She was asked to join the St Boniface Choir where, whilst keeping up her school work, a regime of rehearsals twice a week, 2-3 performances at weekends and Royal School of Church Music Exams kept her busy!
Leanne was born in Hammersmith, London on 21 September 1984. She is the youngest of the two girls and first started singing at the age of seven in her local church choir, of which her sister was already a member. The choir was part of the Royal School of Church Music and carried a very strict examination and qualification programme, and Leanne took to it with gusto. Under the guidance of Jane Shoe smith and her sister as Head Chorister, she proceeded to climb the ladder achieving many medals and awards; appearing in concert at St Paul’s Cathedral; performing in Trafalgar Square at the Annual Christmas Tree Carol Service and on Gloria Hunniford’s ‘Sunday’ programme. Her greatest achievement in the choir was becoming the first female in her diocese to pass the RSCM’s Bishop Award. She was promoted to Head Chorister until the choir disbanded in 2002.
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One called
An Old Memory
The other cd
What a beautiful day
The cd’s can be purchased from all good records shops or
Diamond records which is a family run business run by the Benn sisters

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