Video Interview Christian Lamitschka by Lee Williams


  1. Very good interview. Thanks for sharing link. Will add to my newletter due out 9/15. Congrats on being Germany's #1 country music magazine!! Cheers, Judy Welden

  2. Hi Christian , It's great putting a face, voice, and personality to you look forward to more video. I started following Country Music International a couple of years ago when you were playing my son's songs,

    The next time you're in Nashville must hook up with Dakota he's hooked up with a guy from Kentucky, Will King so you might want to check them out also, they've been living in Nashville for the past five years and they know the back doors around town. they have so much going on in 2013, ( tours, writing trip to LA, new CD, ...) and a lot to say about their brand, "Dakota & Will"

    Keep it goin, Peace, Jay Moniot