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     "We have definitely 'been on the road." says Sheila Everhart, the upright bass player for the Smithsonian rural roots music preservationists, Bob & Sheila Everahrt.  "We had a full house for our last Oak Tree Opry show, featuring Curt Shoemaker.  He had a great band with him, including Hank Thompson's old fiddle player.  Wow, what a neat program of 'real' country music.  Everyone who was at the show said the same thing as they were leaving.  It's remarkable how 'real' country folks still appreciate 'real' country music.  We're not in a 'let's pretend we're country' like the so called up-and-coming and mostly untalented ones that claim to be country these days.  Worst of all, is these same people bought their way onto the Grand Ole Opry, and now it's up for sale.  Doesn't that say a lot for what is happening in country music these days?"
     "I couldn't believe it when I heard it," Bob, Sheila's husband said, "the Grand Ole Opry is for sale because they can't make any money.  How many years did it take them to figure that out, that you can't be the "OLE" Opry and have nothing but "YOUNG LET'S PRETEND WE'RE COUNTRY" artists on it.  And Pete Fisher the most arrogant of all the people connected with the Grand Ole Opry, is a dream come true for some folks....he's losing his job as the Opry's manager. We've been to the Opry several times in the last few years, and every time we've been there it's like a tomb.  And worse, the so called new country artists get a spattering of applause.  When a seasoned veteran comes on like Bill Anderson or Jim Ed Brown, the audience is in an uproar.  Wow, what kind of numb brain is it that can't see that?"
     "I don't really know too much about the Grand Ole Opry," Bobbie Lhea the 15-year old daughter of Bob & Sheila remarked, "but I do know we were on the road and mom and dad performed at the Gayville Music Hall in South Dakota on Saturday night.  This is a really nice old-timey performance center, and it was nearly full.  They were supposed to do a tribute to Woody Guthrie, and I think they did pretty good, but wasn't sure until intermission.  I was taking care of the record table, and a ton of people came to buy dad's six CD's that the Smithsonian Institution just re-released.  That's all of the material he recorded for Folkways Records, now part of the Smithsonian.  They cost more money, but they are really neat, just like they were when dad first recorded them.  I sold a lot of CD's at Gayville."
     "We also did a show at Prime Living in LeMars," Sheila added.  "This is an assisted living apartment house, and since we were going to be driving right by it on our way home on Sunday, we did a 2pm show to a very appreciative group.  It's so much fun to see elders enjoying the old songs, and making them smile, and bringing back some loving memories.  Bob does a lot of those old songs, I believe they liked 'Redwing' best."
     "I was in charge of the budget lunch," Bob added, "and it was definitely a 'budget' lunch.  We had gone to Omaha to see the Joslyn Art Museum on Monday, they had a terrific Egyptian display Bobbie wanted to see, and the stuff they had there was pretty incredible.  It was also very neat of Bobbie, who has been studying Egyptian history, to be able to explain to Sheila and myself what all that stuff was about.  She knew the Gods and the glyphics and lots of stuff we didn't know.  That was fun.  Anyway, we stopped at the Whole Foods to get a few items before heading home, and on the list was turkey meatloaf, roasted garlics, brown rice, and tomato and cucumber salad from the deli.  We had it for lunch the next day in Anita.  Super good, and super within our three lunches for $20.  We'll definitely do that again.  In the meantime we'll try to get enough money together and buy the Grand Ole Opry and put it back where Old Judge Hays said it should be every time he introduced an act...."Just keep it country boys, all the way."  And, we'll also be looking forward to some great authentic country music from John & Susan McNeill from South Dakota.  We did a show with them in Gayville, and now they will do a show for us on June 1.  7pm showtime, so everybody get ready for a super good show."

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