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Nashville Music Guide honors Christian Lamitschka

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German Journalist Helps Spread Nashville Message Overseas

Even though Germany’s Christian Lamitschka lives more than 4,500 miles from Music Row and English is his second language, his first love is country music.
With more than 15 years of work writing for music magazines and Web sites in Europe and with his own new Country Music News International online magazine, Lamitschka has done remarkable work spreading the word and the joy of country music to European fans.
In an e-mail conversation from Germany, Christian tells us that in Germany, things are very different from here.
In Europe, he tells us, country “is independent. They don’t call it ‘country music.’ As an example, Keith Urban released his album in Germany, and EMI introduced him as a ‘Rock/Pop artist.’ ”
We asked him what country artists were the most popular in Europe. Read More >>>


  1. Congratulations on your honour by the Nashville Music Guide.
    An impressive endorsement for your CMNI magazine.

  2. Congratulations Christian! Let me know when it's time to go to Germany for one of those projects you mentioned!

  3. Gratuliere Dir, ich denke, das hast Du Dir redlich verdient, Unermüdlicher!
    Alles Gute weiterhin und keep on writing,
    --- Tex Robinson ---

  4. European markets, festivals and venues have often proven to be tremendous opportunities and profitable gigs for Nashville artists, including countless Row and Opry legends who haven’t had hits at country radio for years or even decades.