Tuesday, January 31, 2012

PERFORMANCE ALERT - Almost Austin House Concerts - February 18, 2012


Take a rock and roll lead guitarist turned mainstream musical comedian and add a Texas Bluegrass icon and homespun humorist for over 32 years and whadda you got? The recipe for pure-dee entertainment. Richard Bowden and John Early, current bandmates for the incredibly, widely unknown band, Moon & the Starz, have teamed up to take their talents to whoever is lookin’ for talent. Bowden says, “House concerts have become very popular, and I like to sit around the house, so I thought, I’ll just sit around somebody else’s house, pick a little and make some people happy while I’m at it.” John Early was in total agreement, so ladies and gentlemen … here you have …
  the Bowden/Early Experience.  

What will you hear? You’ll hear everything from Bowden’s morning radio comedy hits and inside stories from the 70’s California rock scene to Early’s touching lyrics about family and freedom that will make you stop and think. You’ll hear every kind of rhythm, from bluegrass to blues with plenty of good, flat-out-kick-ass classic rock & roll. You’ll hear yourself singing their songs days after the concert and you’ll hear yourself telling all your friends what a great experience you had at the show.
Experience the Bowden/Early Experience and let’s all just sit around the house.

For more information, check out:
Debut Performance:
Saturday, February 18, 2012
Almost Austin House Concerts
Pasadena, TX

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