Monday, January 23, 2012


     Oceanside, California....."It just seems impossible that our first two months of hiatus, here in California, is almost over," Sheila Everhart says, "now we have to go back to work, spending two months in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, performing for our booking agent, Francis Hahn."
     Even though the Everhart's time in California is about up, Bob is quick to add to Sheila's observations.  "We've had a wonderful time here in Oceanside.  It's a nice location, about half-way between Los Angeles and San Diego.  The campground we are in is only about a block from the beach, and just out front we can catch a bus to just about anywhere, or walk two blocks and take the very neat commuter train as far east as Escondido.  I really like riding the little train, it reminds me a lot of traveling in Europe, and wow what a neat thing it could be if a train like this connected Des Moines Jordan Creek Mall with the Council Bluffs Shopping Center (at Lake Manawa).  Anyway, there's lots going on every day.  I spend a little time sunning, have to walk the dog, do my normal communication work with regard to the festival in LeMars and our April 20-21-22 show at the Oak Tree Opry in Anita.  What's really fun though is when something special happens. Camp Pendleton, the Marine facility is just a few miles north of us.  Lately we've been hearing a lot of 'bombing' going off, which definitely means something is happening, and then just last Friday, Vice President Joe Biden and his wife flew right over us on their way to talk to Marines going off to Afghanistan.  It was a huge helicopter, and quite a sight.  We also see lots of blimps advertising various stuff, everything from football games to automobile tires gliding noiselessly along.  Shortly after we got here, I was walking along the beach and saw an absolutely huge Orca whale just off shore.  His big black fin sticking out of the water in glittering sunshine, occasionally showing some of his white under-belly.  A few days later three delightful dolphins played along the whirlpools and eddys along the shore.  Surfers are always at seaside, and a couple of times the waves have been as high as thirteen feet, which is pretty high for surfers.  Lots of 'pipelines' when that happens. There's always fishermen throwing their lines as far out as they can get, and sometimes they catch something.  It reminds me of Sheila.  She likes to cook with wine, and sometimes she gets some in the food.  Anyway, it's easy to catch the little train to see a movie.  "Hugo" and "Tin Tin" were my favorites, but "Sherlock Holmes" was very good too.  Sheila said don't forget we go to Carlsbad (a small very European town about three miles away) on the bus for Wednesday Farmer's Market. They always have lots of interesting foods available.  Avocados are plentiful, and right now oranges are in season.  Ranier cherries and absolutely huge strawberries are also in season.  Usually the produce is quite inexpensive."
     Bobbie Lhea was quick to join in.  "I'll really miss some of our budget meals.  One of my favorites is 'Taco Tuesday' at the little Mexican grocery store just up the street.  I also like the delicious pizza we get at Brooklyn Boys, and mom likes the hamburgers they make at the little food stand at Buccaneer Bay (right next to the beach where we walk).  Dad is sold on the Hawaiian food we get uptown in Oceanside, and LeMar (our little min-pin dog known as the 'singer') likes it when we bring back chicken from Churchs.  And our cat, Simba, really likes it when we visit the Veracruz Fish House in Carlsbad.  Guess what he gets?"
     "It's off to Texas for us," Bob added, but we still have a week yet in Oceanside, and that might permit a trip to the lovely mission San Capistrano."
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