Thursday, January 5, 2012

Matt Flinner Trio Sets Dates for New Album Tour

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Matt Flinner Trio Sets Dates for New Album Tour, Shows Begin Feb 2nd for Winter Harvest Out January 31st 

Sonically founded in bluegrass, jazz and American acoustic music, the virtuosic collaboration between esteemed mandolinist Matt Flinner, guitarist Ross Martin and bassist Eric Thorin, is a finely tuned composition machine. The Matt Flinner Trio, launching their Winter Harvest tour on February 2nd, continues to write new music on the road, further pioneering their signature style of American roots music.  The trio practices a unique approach to composition—writing in hotel rooms, dressing rooms, on airplanes and in the back of tour vans—and debuting the new pieces the same night.   Culling the best from the over two hundred tunes in their repertoire, the trio is releasing Winter Harvest January 31st, a road-crafted sequel to their 2009 release, Music Du Jour.
02-02    The Evening Muse    Charlotte, NC
02-03    Boyd’s Jig & Reel    Knoxville, TN
02-03    WDVX Blue Plate Special    Knoxville, TN
02-04    The Barking Legs Theater    Chattanooga, TN
02-05    Cabin Concert Series   Bowling Green, KY
02-07    Station Inn    Nashville, TN
02-16    Riff’s Acoustic Music    Park City, UT
02-17    Great Salt Lake Guitar Company    Park City, UT
02-18    South Valley Unitarian Universalist Society    Salt Lake City, UT
02-21    Dornan’s    Moose, WY
02-23    Milagro Christian Church    Pueblo, CO
02-24    Black Rose Acoustic Society    Colorado Springs, CO
02-25    Swallow Hill Music Association    Denver, CO
03-24    On the Rise Bakery    Richmond, VT
03-29    Jalopy Theatre    Brooklyn, NY
03-31    Rosendale Cafe    Rosendale, NY
04-02    Saint Mark Presbyterian Church    Rockville, MD
04-11    Music City Roots    Nashville, TN
04-12    Kirk Avenue Music Hall    Roanoke, VA
04-13    Ashland Coffee & Tea    Ashland, VA
04-14    Old Town House Concerts    Harrisonburg, VA
04-15    Village Concerts    Palmyra, VA
04-27    Steve’s Guitars    Carbondale, CO
04-28    Chautauqua Community House    Boulder, CO

Winter Harvest is the next chapter in the Matt Flinner Trio canon. Flinner comments that this collection is “not jazz, not bluegrass, and not world music, but it’s some kind of weird combination of all those things. These are the tunes that we felt were not trying to copy one of these other genres, but the ones that achieved a blend of the genres in an organic way.

The band’s conversational melodic exchanges, harmonic counterpoint and rhythmic precision are beautifully engaging and complex, with each instrument highlighted and voiced to suit the puzzle piece-like song structures. Whether doubling the melody in bass and mandolin or expressing a unison rhythmic motif, the trio is unmatched in their execution of style.

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