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Los Angeles - 10/19/11 Country singer Joyce Shaffer has had a lot on her plate over the past year. Recently, she was inducted into America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame joining an illustrious list of country music icons who have been similarly inducted over the years. Shaffer has also had several of her original songs climb the country charts with her tribute to Loretta Lynn, "Loretta's Shoes", making it into the top ten. To top off this very busy year, Shaffer and her "Loretta's Shoes" has made it into contention for the Grammys -- no small feat for someone who a few years ago restarted her singing career after a long absence.

When told about her song to Loretta Lynn making it past the first round of votes for the Grammys, she said, " I was so happy that others have recognized this song that comes from my heart to a woman I have always admired. Loretta Lynn is someone who has faced the hard times as I have and kept true to what is in her heart and soul. She said she liked the song, but I would really like to meet her soon. That would be a true thrill for me. I think we would have a lot to talk about since we both have a lot of things in common." We hope this song will help Shaffer meet this country music icon. Shaffer continued, "I would love to sing this song to Loretta because it was written to tell her how I feel about her. It is to a degree a personal message from me to her. I know countless others feel the same way. Loretta Lynn is the body, heart and soul of country music."

For more information on Joyce Shaffer's life and music or to set up an interview or schedule her for an event, go to her site:

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