Thursday, October 20, 2011

Buck T. Edwards releases Christmas song, prepares album number four!

Buck T. Edwards releases Christmas song, prepares album number four!
Singer/songwriter Buck T. Edwards is proud to announce the release of "It Doesn't Seem Like Christmas Without You." The song is an original composition recorded with mandolin player Pip Walter and is available at Itunes and for radio at Buck wrote the song as a tribute to everyone who is apart from loved ones during the holiday season and is especially proud of the lyric and of the warm "gathered around the microphone" feel of the vocals and arrangement. "I spent a long time on this song, arranging the chords, finding just the right words. It's one of the best things I've written."
Asked about influences Buck replied, "There were so many great Christmas songs in the 50's that I grew up listening too. This song mixes my own personal experiences with a bit of that 50's flair."  "It's got a classic feel and I hope it's covered by everyone!"  As for the recording, "We used an omni-directional Sennheiser microphone, my Larravee acoustic and Pip's mandolin, and that was basically it. The room (at Acadia Studio's in Portland, Maine) has such a great sound with pine walls and plenty of headroom. Makes for a great feel." 
And what's the future have in store?  "Well, I've always got plenty of songs." he laughs. "But for album number four I've got some great ones. I've played them for friends in the industry and they couldn't stop smiling. It will definitely be fun." The new album will be out in early 2012 so stay tuned....
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Franc said...

"Christmas" is a must-addition to your Christmas music collection. This collection of songs offers the traditional, laid-back feel that every Christmas album should embody and is reminiscent of albums from great crooners of the past. While many big stars attempt to rework and mangle Christmas song, Michael Buble chooses to showcase his talent by adding his stellar vocals to classic arrangements that need to be done justice, although the album also adds Buble's signature touch to songs such as "All I Want for Christmas is You." After getting this CD, I think Christmas is going to start early this year as I'll be enjoying Michael Buble's songs every day.

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