Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tim Montana’s Freedom’s Never Free and Lea’s Prayers and Postage Team-Up for the Troops

Tim Montana’s Freedom’s Never Free and Lea’s Prayers and Postage Team-Up for the Troops
Tim Montana proves his priorities match his lyrics by donating 100% of digital proceeds from latest single, Freedom’s Never Free to Lea’s Prayers and Postage.  Freedom’s Never Free, the patriotic lead track from this rugged man’s sophomore release is currently available for download exclusively on AirPlay Direct (APD). 

“When I first heard the single from Tim, I thought, this guy can hold his own as a writer, singer and performer,” recalls Robert Weingartz, Chairman and CEO of APD. “But when I saw that he offered all proceeds to a charity that helps with the postage and shipping cost for care packages to our troops, I realized that he really means the words he penned for this project.”

Since 2006, Lea’s Prayers and Postage has paid for more than $125,000 in postage for packages sent to America’s hardest working troops around the globe. Collaborating with his producer to pen this track, Freedom’s Never Free serves as a tribute for a fallen soldier who died in Iraq.

“The death of a soldier is like a pebble dropped in a pond, not a big splash, but the ripples extend to the limits of its banks,” says WLVR’s Chance Austin.  “Too often, if we are not directly affected by these things, then we forget the price paid by our children and the families of our service men and women.” Radio programmers can download a broadcast quality copy of the “Freedom Is Never Free” radio special hosted by Chance Austin at The song also features Paul Shaffer, the bandleader of CBS’s Late Show with David Letterman. Shaffer appears in several songs throughout Montana’s album, A Different Kind of Country.

The title serves as more than just a reference to his sound; it could also appropriately describe his childhood. Tim Montana is no stranger to hard work as he was reared in a solitude environment under the open skies of Montana minus any modern day luxuries including electricity. 

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