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Special Collaboration, Festival Western de St-Tite September 8, 2011

Special Collaboration, Festival Western de St-Tite September 8, 2011

In the evening of September 8, 2011 at the Festival Western de St-Tite, Quebec, Canada, the evening was colorful and an International quality in terms of country music!

First, a word about the town of St-tite, it's a population with about 4000 peoples. Every year, it's more than 600 000 peoples going to this festival!

From the outset in this beautiful city, i was very well received by the organisation!

The evening started with 2 groups that i havent seen because we were heard for the press conference. The first it's AndrĂ©e Watters by his warm voice and a beautiful quality, now in the Country Rock. I've seen her performance before in the another festival and i can tell you she has a lot of talent! I invite you to visit her website:

For the second group, was Urban Cowboy they make a county somewhat new Generation! It's a group of Quebec city! I invite you to visit their website:

Now for the main event, Big and Rich and Gretchen Wilson with guest artist Cowboy Troy.

There are nearly 6000 peoples who attended the show to Estrades Molson Ex!

During the show, Big and Rich and Gretchen Wilson have offered a high quality performance! There have been many songs including: Fake I.D

And now, Gretchen Wilson, she has given us these successes and a bit of Lady Marmalade of Moulin Rouge for the pleasure of all! Shortly after she has launched multiple Country Hats in the crowd!

With the Xtreme Musik tour, I can tell you, this tour is a good quality and good music for all fans of country music!

It was a great night!

Martin Cloutier,
Special Collaboration for Country Music News International.
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