Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Kentucky HeadHunters Find Early Influences At Tennessee State Fair

The Kentucky HeadHunters Find Early Influences At Tennessee State Fair

NASHVILLE, Tennessee — In the mid 1970s, brothers Richard and Fred Young went to the Tennessee State Fair and saw two legendary bands that fueled their musical dreams and are still today a major influence on the multi-platinum, Grammy winning
Kentucky HeadHunters.

“I had no idea that 35 years later ZZ Top would be our friends, and that The Band would record a song the HeadHunters had written or that we would also become friends,” said Young.  “Without the Tennessee State Fair, that might never have happened, and there might never have been a Kentucky HeadHunters.”

The Kentucky HeadHunters kick off the 2011 Free Concert Series on Tuesday, September 13 at 7 the racetrack grandstands, performing songs from their forthcoming album, Dixie Lullabies (release date October 18) as well
as classic hits “Dumas Walker”
and “Walk Softly On This Heart of Mine.” The band’s soulful, slamming Southern rock sound and style is a testament to rock and roll, country, blues, and Music City in general.

“As a Kentuckian I’ve enjoyed many educational and inspirational moments at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds,” Young continued. “My family has been attending the Nashville Flea Market since the early 1980's, and I’ve attended numerous guitar shows and gun shows that were wonderful entertainment and drew people from across the country.

“Nashville has always been considered one of the music and entertainment meccas in our great country,” Young said. “It moves me to tears that there’s been a lot of talk about letting the fairgrounds go. It’s such an important part of what makes Tennessee special, and we want to do everything we can to make this year’s State Fair a success.”

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