Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chris Ride - Messages

Album Title: MESSAGES
Where do we begin with this release?, First off what is Chris Ride? Is he Country?, Is he Pop?, Or is he Rock?
While listening to this 12 song release, yea we hear a steel guitar, (That's country right?) Yup we also hear some country lyrics (That's country right?), But Surprise we also hear a Rock Guitar, A wailing Pop Sax, and hard hitting drums. I mean I have heard the term "I'M A LITTLE COUNTRY and I'M A LITTLE BIT ROCK AND ROLL" But this album and artist takes it to the extreme.
OK we figure out what he ain't, But it's easy to figure out what he is. He's one hell of a singer and a great songwriter to boot. Now all that is left is for Chris Ride to do is figure out what he is!! 
The production on this album is OUTSTANDING!!!, The musicians are OUTSTANDING!!! , The material (songs) are OUTSTANDING.
 There is no doubt in our minds that this young man will be a major star. Like I said as soon as he figures out what type of music he wants to do, and when he does, LOOK OUT, cause all hell will break loose!!!
I give this release 4 stars out of 5 stars
(Our pick on Spotlight cuts, "Messages" and "Better When It Ends")
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