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SAMUEL WESLY'S, "MISS SOPHISTICATION"  Singer/Songwriter SAMUEL WESLY, born and raised on the islands of American Samoa in the South Pacific and raised on PURE ROCKABILLY brings this 12 original self written songs to the public. SAMUEL, makes his living fishing (If you have ever seen the TV show Worlds Most Dangerous Catch") on the Bering Sea off the coast of Alaska. It is that time at sea that SAMUEL has a chance to pen these songs and bring the listener back to the golden age of rock & roll when names like Gene Vincent, Carl Perkins, Eddie Cockran and of the course The King "Elvis" ruled the radio.
Cut #1 (Title song) "MS. SOPHISTICATION"  (This is a light but moving shuffle with a slight Texas swing to it, If you search for it, there are signs of early Rockabilly there, But ya have to look for it)
Cut #2 "ARLENE" (By far the strongest cut on the album, Now this is pure Rockabilly, Up tempo, hard driving,  GREAT morning drive wake up music, his vocals shine on this cut, I give it an A Plus)
Cut #3  "SHE THINK SHE'S AN ACTRESS" (This cut didn't do much for me, it was a little pop sounding and did not have the Rockabilly feel to it that the label advertised, The production was good but when I was expecting Rockabilly, this one did not bring it there)
Cut #4 "I HAVE YOU, YOU HAVE ME" (A smooth ballad, with some pretty nice feels to it, but once again I'm expecting  Rockabilly, and this did not deliver
Cut #5 " SHES GOT ME ON THE RUN" (I liked this cut it had a good steady energy a good groove and a good story line, Radio would like this one, it's unoffending and has a great feel to it, Once again you can hear traces of a slight blend of Rockabilly in there, But ya gotta look for it)
Cut #7 "THE BEAN POT RESTERAUNT" (I have actually been to this little out of the way truck stop on Highway 40 between Knoxville and Nashville. It's a cute song about (I Guess) a waitress that works there)
ALL IN ALL OUT OF 5 STARS , I GIVE THIS ALBUM 3 AND 1/2 STARS, In my opinion This is a well produced album and the artist has the goods, but, the artist should stick to songs like CUT #2 "ARLENE" with that strong Rockabilly feel, he would hit the bulls eye every time!!!!!
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