Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Loretta's Shoes"

"Loretta's Shoes" - a tribute song to Loretta Lynn walks up the charts to #10.
Los Angeles - 8/4/11  "Loretta's Shoes" is a wonderful tribute song about the First Lady of Country Music, Loretta Lynn. Country chart regular, Joyce Shaffer, wrote and sang it from her heart and it is walking on up the charts week after week. This week it made it's way to the # 10 spot on the Main Country Chart of the top 85 country songs.
Joyce Shaffer has always admired Loretta Lynn as a strong woman and musical mentor. They share common ground having grown up poor with the twists and turns that come with a hard life strengthened by a faith in God and their music. Both have come through it with great songs that trace the trail of their lives. "Loretta's Shoe's" salutes several of Lynn's famous songs as well as the country music icon herself.
Shaffer will be inducted into America's Traditional Country Music Hall of Fame this September and has plans to guest on a country music TV show in Nashville in October. For more information on Joyce Shaffer's music or to add her to your event please contact:

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